Helpless Elderly

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Upon learning that they can’t escape the effects of aging, our seniors lose the motivation to try combating it. Learned helplessness blinds a person to the opportunities to improve their situation. Now, this is where providing care comes in.

As someone who deeply cares for your elderly, you have to take the initiative to help them see what they can’t see for themselves. There are a lot of causes that factor into the feeling of helplessness seniors learn over time. These are the causes that you have to address if you want to combat their sense of helplessness.

For example, one of the primary causes of helplessness among the elderly is their weakening body. They can’t do the necessary activities like bathing or personal grooming.

You might be thinking: “Wouldn’t that increase the sense of helplessness in seniors, having some random stranger do basic grooming for them?” No, because the goal is not to do everything for the elderly. It is to teach the elderly how to do those things themselves in the safest possible way.