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  • Community Assistance & Charity Care

    Community seeds

    Community Seed is a volunteer based non-profit corporation based Battambang Cambodia. All funding for our services and events come from your charitable contributions and the voluntary donations at our events. These events include monthly Open Circles, Energy Walks, A yearly weekend retreat, as well as other celebrations throughout the year. Community Seed also provides a […]


    Helping poor farmers

    Many poor farmers in Cambodia, food is one of the most basic human rights and needs: without adequate, nutritious food, people are unable to work and, in some cases, live. Almost a billion people in the world today are chronically undernourished, and many more are food insecure, meaning that they do not know where their […]


    Helpless Elderly

    Upon learning that they can’t escape the effects of aging, our seniors lose the motivation to try combating it. Learned helplessness blinds a person to the opportunities to improve their situation. Now, this is where providing care comes in. As someone who deeply cares for your elderly, you have to take the initiative to help […]