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Saving abandoned & homeless older people in rural area


Older people in rural and remote areas are often alone without family or their wider community. Older persons experienced abandonment, isolation or exclusion. Through the years in Cambodia, a significant increase in older people left alone with no homes or family to take care of them. The main issues are:

  • >> Risk of severe income shortages as nearly every older person affected
  • >> A lack of access to and difficulty affording healthcare.
  • >> Poor living conditions and a lack of support for those with disabilities.


SSLA social workers supports the provision of basic needs will uphold the dignity of the people and will promote their rights as an older person.

Abandoned older people needs your love and care through your donation to provide their basic needs (food, hygiene supplies, and medical needs).

Community Assistance & Charity Care

Community seed projects are an important part of the food sovereignty movement for poor vulnerable people and communities.

Helping poor children to have a better future


Progress in education is tangible in Cambodia. Since 2007, the number of children enrolled in preschools has more than doubled. However, large numbers of girls and boys remain out of school at all levels of education, particularly those who live in poor rural and urban areas. Most children drop out before reaching secondary school. Girls and boys from disadvantaged groups are struggling to realize their potential as they face difficulties getting to, and staying in, school. By the time they are 17 years old, 55 per cent of adolescents will have dropped out of school. Many girls and boys are falling behind.


SSLA works to ensure that children go to and stay in school through enabling a healthy school environment, such as equipping library with learning materials and providing assistance to child from poor family with materials and coaching.

SSLA focus on equitable and inclusive access to education for children with disabilities, children from ethnic minorities and children living in rural and urban poor areas.

Community Seed is a volunteer based non-profit corporation based Battambang Cambodia. All funding for our services and events come from your charitable contributions and the voluntary donations at our events. These events include monthly Open Circles, Energy Walks, A yearly weekend retreat, as well as other celebrations throughout the year.

Community Seed also provides a free quarterly newsletter, this Website and other community events events throughout the year.

Your help is needed that we may continue serving the Cambodia Community in Battambang Province and the surrounding areas. Please show your support by donating to Community Seed today.