Sustainable Soil For Life Association

  • Numerous employment experiences were obtained, Savorn was from Pursat, Cambodia, a remote and underdeveloped daily. In 2016, she earned her degree from Mean Chey University. She worked as MC for UFM Radio. And also worked at Sanko Electronics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, Sisophon Hong Seng Sportswear Co., Ltd, and Crown Resort Co. Ltd between 2014 to 2021, as an administrative and Finance. She currently performs duties such as document checks, staff evaluations, and other administrative and Finance management tasks at SSLA. Past employment experiences have included dealing with pressure from work and some corporate management, as well as some problems working with civil servants linked to specific tasks. She is overjoyed to receive a paycheck to support herself and her family, have many coworkers and gain valuable work experience. She enjoys doing her studies and listening to music in her free time.