Sustainable Soil For Life Association

  • Pho, a technician, and administrator at SSLA was from Preah Vihear, Cambodia. He hailed from a very poor farming family. He has the opportunity to join the Enfants du Mékong to study in high school. He tried so hard until completed his two years of agroecology study at SSLA. He is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in UME with a focus on agriculture. While conducting a field tour to meet a farmer in Battambang and instructing students in the agroecology and food processing program. Even though he occasionally has trouble connecting with farmers, he keeps trying until he gains more expertise and is able to instruct farmers and pass down agricultural knowledge to the following generation. In his leisure time, he likes to play sports, look up agricultural records, and listen to music. He hopes to work for an NGO that can aid farmers in the future.