Sustainable Soil For Life Association

  • Kesa was born into a low-income fisherman family in the rural community of Ek Phnom, Battambang. Her house is on the water in Tonle Sap. Since there is only one grade in her community, she had to travel by boat late at night to study in Bakprea Village at Prey Chas Secondary School, which is in a different village. She is currently continuing her studies at NUBB University with a marketing emphasis. She started her first job with Prudential Cambodia. She currently works at SSLA as a communication assistant such as taking photos and posting on a Facebook Page. She tried to find work so hard to support her study and living. She worked so hard since she didn’t know how to work until she got well, she has really loved her work, which includes updating the Association’s Facebook page and spreading the word about it. Even though she often felt quite worn out after a field visit, she was always eager to lend a hand when she saw the farmers’ smiles. She enjoys playing sports in her free time. She plans to open her own business in the future to assist those who are jobless.