Sustainable Soil For Life Association

  • There was a girl who was born in Aix-en-Provence (a city in the South of France) who has have 2 brothers and 1 sister who are all at university or in high school, Anastasia has a master’s degree in agronomy, and specialized in agricultural development. She did another 6-month trainee when she was in France, in our agriculture District. Now it is her second internship, to finish her studies and obtain her diploma. She is doing research about farming dynamics in Prek Luong, Prek Norint communes, and a bit of Peam Aek commune. She’s been studying the evolution of farming systems since the end of Pol Pot, related to political and economic backgrounds. Now she tries to understand precisely the trajectories of each type of farming system, asking technical and economic questions. Her work experience was just a short internship during which I had to write a report on the adoption of agroecological practices in France to tackle water pollution issues. She has been doing a few years of fencing in France, also football. She was also a “scout” for 8 years but now she stopped. She likes to read books and draw too. In the future, She doesn’t know yet. If she works abroad (in Asia) she would like to help the most vulnerable people to improve their working conditions in farming. If she stays in France she would like to have her own farm!