Sustainable Soil For Life Association

  • In 2017, the Navy, who was raised in Battambang, received her diploma from Dewey International High School. Navy graduated from TESOL Dewey University and the University of Battambang with a degree in Korean literature; she graduated from both universities in 2021. Because of her strong commitment goal to teaching and translating professionally and want to help the next generation to get more knowledge, she never gave up even though she faced difficulties since grade 9 she came alone from a rural area, she still tried the scholarship in Lighthouse Battambang where she could stay and study in a private school during high school in Battambang City. She left there after finishing high school and passed the scholarship at NUBB and Dewey University and also find a part-time job to support her study. She worked part-time as an English teacher in the FLA program at Dewey International School and volunteered as a teaching assistant in the foreign institution of the University of Battambang during her gap year. She is currently employed with SSLA as a communication assistant. She enjoys creating something new and reading books, and listening to motivational stories in her leisure time.