Sustainable Soil For Life Association

  • Rachana was from Cambodia’s Battambang. He began primary education in 2004, high school in 2010, entered university in 2008, graduated from high school in 2019, and worked in a brick kiln before. He is currently employed by SSLA as a Technician, where he also serves as a technical instructor who helps farmers grow organic crops and who is skilled at transporting their produce. Previously, working around issues like the inability to transfer workers and the difficulties in explaining GPS to farmers. He is the family’s oldest child, and from the fifth grade, he has had to leave the house to work as a bricklayer. He is the one who mainly supports his family. He has also had to go a long distance to work as a compensation worker in order to support the family. He is a person who enjoys studying agriculture, participating in sports, pursuing a good agricultural job, earning a respectable living, and being with his family and other people.